5 Wrong Reasons for Seeking Paid Employment

The word “Job”, for now and a long time will remain one of the most important buzz words ever known to man. Many approach the job market with different motivations. As you gear efforts into job search, it’s important you have the right motivations, so as not to short-change yourself in the light of so much potentials in you.

Here is a list of wrong reasons for seeking paid employment:

1. My parents want me to
This is about the most dominant and most passed down reason for seeking paid employment and that’s why most people are broke! This reason entices because of its false sense of job security, the prospects of a steady pay cheque, an enhanced ego and other perks from a corporate job.

But today’s realities spell otherwise as seen in the phenomena of unemployment, underemployment, job-cuts, down-sizing, right-sizing and not surprising at all – “pocket-sizing!”

2. I’m a graduate!
It’s an unfortunate commentary that our education is skewed to produce job-seekers and not job creators. In this part of the world, any form of qualification is seen as a coupon for job search. Instead of our education to be an empowerment for the intelligent harnessing of the resources of our mind and our environment, is rather the gun that starts the rat-race for limited or even non-existent job opportunities.

3. My friends are all employed!
Peer influence in career choice and decision, at the detriment of your life’s purpose and passion, will invariably result to “peer frustration”, “peer un fulfillment”, and even “peer poverty!” Life is not a bandwagon; your friends’ goals and passions are not exactly same as yours. Find yours and follow them!

4. I need a steady salary
Perhaps, one of the greatest motivations for paid employment is the need (fear actually!) to have a steady pay cheque. This need for a predictable income, if not driven with wise thoughts and planning, in the long run surely will deprecate the full potentials of people stuck in this mindset. Many have deferred great opportunities just to have instant food on the table. Instant gratification is a thief of opportunities; pay the price now if must have the future you desire!

5. It’s safer than starting a business
A steady pay cheque, sure looks safer than the vagaries of entrepreneurship. But the gains and freedom starting and running our own enterprise offers are worth pursuing. The stalk truth is that the walls of the corporate world reveal deep cracks. If you can put your back to your own business, overtime, it could turn cozier than the environment of a paid job.

Whatever your choice and course is, the position canvassed here is that you should approach paid employment propelled not by some self-defeating and short-changing reasons and motivations. This will ensure your career success and fulfillment in life. Do you believe this?

To your success!

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