Article Marketing Online – Partner With The Search Engines For Profit

Article marketing online is a great way to advertise your business, but you do need partners to pull it off. There are a few processes that have to happen for your article marketing campaign to be successful. Here is how the partnership works between the article marketer, the article directory and the search engine.

You write an article titled “Inexpensive wedding dresses online” In your article you give brides advise when shopping for their wedding dress online. Once you are done you have a link at the end of your article taking brides back to your wedding accessory website.

Now this is where the three-way partnership comes into play, you submit your wedding article to a popular article directory (they want your articles because your articles are going to updating their website regularly, this pushes them higher up in the search engine results).

The search engines need content so that when users search, they find useful information pertaining to what they are looking for online. The search engine will now visit the article directory on a regular basis because they know that the have fresh relevant content; they will now index these pages in their database ready for searchers.

When the user does a search such as “inexpensive wedding dresses online” my article will show up in the search results, the searcher will read it and click on my link to visit my site.

This is how the 3-way partnership works, the article directory gets traffic to its site, the search engine gets content for its database and the article marketer gets to reach his/her target market. Every partner is happy!

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