Can Corporate Gifting Increase Your Sales?

The idea of gifting and an increase in sales seem alien to a lot of people, but nevertheless its implications are definitely here to stay. Gifting has a way of touching people’s heart, changing people’s perception and conveying feelings.

But the intriguing question is ‘Can a gift increase sales?’

Yes, a gift can increase sales. In an era when competition is the norm, gifts give you the ability to stand out amidst the competition. It makes your clients take notice of you. Gifts build your brand value and act as a means to effectively promote your business. It adds the much needed human touch to an otherwise mundane business transaction.

The benefit of sending across corporate business gifts is all about the meaningful impressions made by the gifts on your employees, customers, and prospects. In particular, the advantages of business gifts include the ability to carry forward a message to a well-defined audience, promotion of products that are useful and appreciated by the recipients so that they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without an additional cost to the advertiser.

A gift is the best form of media that endorses and engages all five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

Market research has highlighted the advantages of corporate gifting. The Advertising specialty Institute (ASI) conducted a study in the year 2008 on promotional gifting and found that Brand recall was increased.

About 8 out of 10 people remembered the name of the advertisers from whom corporate promotional material was received. About 42% of respondents had more inclination towards an advertiser who gave them a corporate gift and nearly 24% said that they were more likely to conduct business with an advertiser who provides them with a corporate gift. More than 62% of the people went on to do business with the person who provided then with a promotional gift item. Pens still continue to be a favorite when it comes to corporate gifting. About 54% people confirm that brand recall by means of a customized gifted pen was highly successful. About 81% kept the gifts that were given to them because they were considered useful.

The average cost per impression is negligible as compared to the favorable return on investment. Hence the growing interest of people in gifting as a means of investment is an idea that is rapidly catching up.
When people wish to do business with you, there will be a definite increase in sales volume with newly created avenues for revenue generation beginning to emerge. An improved recall value will definitely enhance your brand image and improve business relations.

A humble gift could achieve that and so much more than the conventional means of promoting your brand. So go ahead, gift your clients, partners, employees and see your sales volumes reach its pinnacle.

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