How to Earn on Facebook?

The rise in popularity of social networking resource Facebook is due to a combination of two things. Pervonachalno it was intended only for students and high school students. Since September 2006, Facebook became available to everyone. In May 2007, Facebook became open to developers. By opening its network to developers, Facebook has given the opportunity to make money directly on Facebook. Therein lies the big difference from MySpace, that promotes rapid growth in popularity of Facebook.

The only way to make money on MySpace – it is to attract users to visit other sites outside of the MySpace community and making money on another site or to earn from the sale of options or online advertising. Facebook – a magnet for developers Since opening its network to developers was created by a huge number of applications built on Facebook. In fact, more than 1,000 developers are registered every day. Addonomics – open analytic platform, which traces the growth of Facebook applications and provides analysis of features of Facebook and its statistics.

According to recent data: Made of 342 015 965 5,118 installations of applications on Facebook; These applications were used 23,360,190 times in the last 24 hours and are estimated at approximately $ 249.8 million; Facebook has more than 40 million unique active users in the last 30 days and is estimated at $ 10 – $ 15 billion. That’s about $ 250 and $ 375 for each active user.

3 Ways to Make Money on Facebook

In the Facebook Economy Business 2.0 outlines several ways that developers can make money on Facebook.

1. Selling advertising space

Facebook applications with large numbers of users can earn big money by selling advertising space on their pages through Lookery, Userplane and Google Adsense, and so on.

2. Subsidy

Advertisers are lining up to sponsor a popular application Facebook.

3. Sales of goods and services

Future applications, Facebook – a utility program is not for entertainment.

Currently, developers who work with Facebook remove the big winner. A social networking sites like MySpace may soon leave in the past, if they open their network to access the developers.

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