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Nowadays, many sales tool companies offer a comprehensive range of sales portals. However, as the competition between these companies increases, each company’s product portfolio also broadens. For example, in this article, we would discuss some of the features of sales portals that differentiate one vendor’s product from another vendor’s products. We would also discuss how these features of Sales portal could help you enhance your sales performance.


A sales tool consists of several elements – search engine optimization (SEO), sales promotion or marketing, and integrated sales management software (ISSM). The first two features are closely related and are considered to be integral parts of the product itself. This means that if SEO is not properly implemented, then the product is considered to be a failure in the eyes of the sales managers. Similarly, if the sales promotion or marketing is not properly implemented, the sales performance will decelerate.

obtain valuable information about the customer’s past buying behavior,

The third and fourth features are extensions of the SEO approach. These features help to integrate the sales portal with the other web-based tools that are being used by the sales managers. This integration allows the sales managers to obtain valuable information about the customer’s past buying behavior, the customer’s preferences, the customers’ needs and requirements, and even the competitors’ strategies. It helps to analyze the current sales performance and the future expectations based on these data.

Managing the sales process

Integration with the rest of the web-based tools like web calendars, CRM tools, contact management systems, reservation systems, etc.s. However, all these integration features can’t work unless and until the sales managers have provided the sales managers with the vital information needed for managing the sales process and the knowledge and capability to use them. Sales management software gives the necessary knowledge and capacity to manage the processes and activities related to sales. It does so by providing the right set of features required by the sales manager.

Features of sales management software

There are several features of sales management software. These features include features like inventory control, sales tracking, order tracking, sales feedback, customer service, order entry and tracking, order completion, product analysis, trend analysis, and competition analysis. All these features help the sales team to maximize their performance and achieve the desired business results.


The popularity of sales management software has increased tremendously in recent years. With the advent of the internet and the increase in e-commerce, business owners and sales managers are looking for ways and means to improve their efficiency and improve the quality of service provided to their customers. Sales management software is the way to go if you want to enhance your sales performance and provide an optimum level of support to your customers. So, what is the sales portal? It is a tool that will help you enhance your sales performance.

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