Make Money In Network Marketing – Get Paid Even If They Don’t Sign Up

One of the toughest parts of embarking on an MLM business, is knowing how to make money in network marketing while you’re building that business. In the case of most MLM companies, you have to invest at least some money — and sometimes a fair amount of money — to get started. Then, despite what many are told, it usually takes a number of weeks (or even months) to really start earning a decent income from an MLM business.

If you’re like many people, you may not be able to go that long before recouping your investment and putting some profit into your pocket. Does that mean that you can’t build an MLM business unless you are already independently wealthy? Of course not. The answer is to make money in network marketing even while you’re still building your business and your downline.

So do you do this? How do you make money in network marketing while you build your business — and even if people don’t sign up to be part of your downline?

Although not a strategy I recommend for the long-term, a great thing to do while you’re newer in network marketing and still building your business are funded proposals. They allow you to make money in network marketing even if people don’t sign up into your business (thus giving you an avenue to earn money right away!).

Here is what a funded proposal is and how it works. A funded proposal is when you take prospects to a salespage right away when they opt into your list. When the prospect goes to your squeeze page and inputs their information, they are taken directly to a salespage. On that salespage you would advertise a low-end product of yours (which might retail for $30-$50).

If you don’t already have a product, create one. It can be a PDF download. It can be a series of videos. It can be an audio. Be sure that it contains GOOD QUALITY CONTENT, even though it is a low-end product. Remember that although you are doing this to make money in network marketing while you’re building your business, that those who buy the product are still potential new signups into your business.

By selling this low-end product, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make money in network marketing while while you’re generating leads. This is a very powerful concept and a very important piece to have in your MLM marketing system while you are building your business.

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