Network Marketing – Not an Easy Road

In tough economic times people seem to be drawn to business opportunities. And why not? It is so easy to make money with a network marketing company, or that is what people are led to believe. And now that the Internet has become such a powerful business tool those who know very little or nothing about marketing think that the road to success is a short, straight path. It usually doesn’t take too long before they realize that the reality of being in business hits them so hard it takes their breath away, as well as some of their cash.

Why do so many people think that they can simply start a business without having some sort of formal training? Being in any business is competitive and to gain an edge one must know what they are doing. If not, they will soon realize that the world of business is not for them. The network marketing industry or mlm, or what ever you want to call it, with such a high failure rate, still draws thousands of people, all with the dream of striking it rich and most with limited business knowledge.

The old, worn enticement of you get three who get three who get three etc. still makes people think of the riches awaiting them. And I am seeing this type of enticement being used more and more in the last year or so. I wonder why? Could it be that people are becoming so desperate to replace their income that this tired, almost obsolete, phrase has once again become effective? People cannot see beyond their visions of making loads of money when they should be looking inwards, asking themselves some tough questions.

We have all thought that getting three people will be no problem at all. Who wouldn’t want to make lots of money, especially after they are shown how easy it is. Simply get three who get three and have everyone do that. If the newcomers only knew that most people who join a networking company have difficulty getting one, let alone three people to join their opportunity. Keep in mind that the MLM industry is huge and there are thousands upon thousands of people entering this industry. And there are thousands upon thousands of people leaving the industry at the same time.

The percentage of people who actually fail in this industry is somewhere around the 90% figure. That leaves about 10% of those involved that make money. Certainly not good odds for starting a business and expecting to make money. The network marketing industry is not an easy road. If it was the failure rate would not be so astounding! People have to be more responsible before they make a decision to enter the world of network marketing. It boils down to using ones common sense. Don’t let images of easy money and wealth interfere with your thinking. Easy money in any business is hard to come by.

If people realized just how difficult the MLM industry was they would not even give it a second thought. They wold look for something else. However, if people would be wiling to learn how to do business, then the failure rate would be very different. The road to success is a long one but the journey would be a lot easier, and more fun, if you took the time to learn how to properly operate a business.

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