Reasons to Get Cheap Windows VPS – Improve Your Business Performance

If the client searching for the Cheap VPS server for hosting the ongoing project? If so, then Onlive Server is the best option for one. That offers a wonderful hosting plans. To get cheap VPS hosting services with plenty of features just login to Onlive Server official website. Where are available multiple Cheap VPS hosting with multiple operating systems. Windows and Windows-based virtual private server or virtual server is one of the most popular hosting packages. In the Windows VPS Hosting server, the dedicated resource divided into several virtual machines. That having dedicated resources such as CPU, storage, RAM and many others. It can able to withstand huge sites effectively owing to the dedicated environment. 

Some most important advantages of the VPS server –

  • Provide more security
  • Easy scalability and additional resources are added by simply navigating to the control panel
  • Every user gets dedicated resources such as memory, CPU, RAM, etc.
  • It offers a separate environment for each user and therefore cannot be easily interrupted by the neighboring VPS.
  • The user can choose unmanaged and managed VPS servers service and many others
  • It offers high availability and fast lighting resources similar to the server at the lowest costs.
  • Provide the client with easy access to the server root directory so that the client can easily change the operating system.

Because of these many features, it is generally considered the best option for users.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting functions

Datacenter location: The user has the opportunity to choose the best data center as we have global data centers to make it easier for customers to choose.

Flexibility: The service provider offers the Windows VPS hosting solution with flexibility and reliability that is similar to the virtual server.

Unlimited bandwidth: Cheap Windows VPS hosting has unlimited bandwidth. However, the client does not have to consider bandwidth constraints because Onlive Server offers unlimited bandwidth based on the website’s hosting requirements.

Why Windows VPS Server hosting?

Notable features of the Windows VPS Hosting include firewall service, instant resizing, fully managed cloud servers, anti-spam software, load balancing, manageable packages, high-performance SSDs and much more. There are numerous packages for cheap Windows VPS server hosting, so the customer has to choose the package that suits the requirements of the e-commerce site. The user is also assisted with the 24×7 support service to help the customer with hosting requirements whenever he wishes. Visit the service provider’s official website to easily access their services.

Advantages of the inexpensive Windows VPS server

When the customer has finally decided on a Windows VPS server, it is essential to understand the benefits of this wonderful hosting network. Below are some of the different features the client gets from choosing Onlive Server’s affordable Windows hosting plans.

  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • Security check at regular intervals
  • On-call maintenance by qualified specialists
  • Dedicated IPs, RAM, and high bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Custom software / DNS configuration
  • Regular data backup
  • Options for selecting control panel and operating system models
  • Guaranteed resources with full root / SSH access
  • Powerful Intel processors
  • Economical installation and easy distribution

Get Affordable VPS Hosting Solutions –

Most corporate websites require a lot of traffic because it helps them promote brands accordingly. Besides, the low-cost Windows VPS is useful for them whenever the data traffic develops at the highest level. There are many costs for accessing the right solution that can be identified with individual requirements. Cheap VPS Hosting is a positive thing, and companies need to focus on the budget markets. Server hosting is usually done with surprising results and aims for individual support by accessing the best solution. This is a good deal of time and therefore provides a good VPS connection to corporate websites. This is done by taking into account the professional hosting that is required to manage the business accordingly.

Windows VPS Hosting To Get Tremendous Benefits

Onlive Server is the leading hosting service provider that offers the cheapest Windows VPS worldwide. The client can save time and money. Also, this hosting server is considered the best way to improve site performance compared to other hosting servers. The company also provides the guarantees to deliver exceptional Windows VPS hosting at a lower cost and greater scalability to ensure end-user satisfaction. The service provider offers low-cost Windows VPS server hosting based on the requirements of the operating system and the website.


Why switch to the Windows VPS server?

A VPS server is seen as a great combination of a shared server and a VPS server that offers some of the trend features of both frameworks. In the VPS environment, the physical server is divided into many virtual servers and each acts as a VPS server for the hosted website.

The main reason for choosing the Windows VPS server is considered cheap. This server is compared to the traditional Windows VPS. Another reason seems to be the scalability offered to end-users. The shared hosting package seems to offer scarce resources that are not well suited for companies with high data volumes. Another aspect is working memory. The services offered in a shared framework are quite moderate because they do not adapt to the MySQL database.

This is the right time to switch to Windows VPS hosting

If the client finds that the resources that are being provided when hosting the shared server are insufficient or want more control over the server, it is a good time to switch to Windows VPS hosting. This is not only the reason that the server is properly accessible at the root level, but also that the client can install and configure the software that the company needs.