Storm Door vs. Screen Door: What’s the Difference

Think of all the time and effort that we put into picking the interior design elements and the appliances that occupy our homes. But let’s not forget about the impactful choices to be made when it comes to selecting our doors. Should you get a storm door or a screen door for your front door? 

Installing storm doors provides protection from the outdoor weather elements from the changing seasons. But it is worth mentioning that storm doors can be heavy and not so easy to open. 

Storm doors earn their name by preventing debris from storms such as water, snow, leaves, and dirt from getting kicked up into your home, while screen doors can’t offer that same level of protection.

If you live in an area that frequently experiences heavy snowfall during different parts of the year then storm doors may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you typically experience milder weather during the bulk of the year, then screen doors are more than capable of protecting your home from weather issues. 

Screen doors allow a fresh breeze to enter your home. The trade-off is that they aren’t able to restrict snow or rain from entering your house or apartment. What storm doors and screen doors do have in common is that they are designed to provide a covering for your main entry door. 

There are several other differences between storm doors and benefits of screen doors and we will be discussing them below.

Price Difference 

Storm doors often carry a price tag that is more expensive than screen doors due to the extra level of durability and added features that storm doors have. For homeowners that are willing to pay the higher price for a reliable door with better weather protection, they will part ways with the extra dollars for a storm door.  

But with that being said, screen doors can be bought at relatively lower prices and still provide customers with basic functionality. 

Ease of Entry

There are homeowners that believe that storm doors are preferred for increased security reasons because they have the stronger durability to help keep strangers out of your home. With glass panes and a deadbolt lock, storm dorms can be more difficult to break than screen doors.

Security film can be installed on your storm door’s glass panels to make it harder for invaders to shatter your door’s glass to protect the door from breaking in the event of a forced entry.

Screen doors are great for those that prefer doors that are easier to get in and out of, such as homeowners with pets. You can find screen doors with a simple latch or magnet security locks. 

Air Ventilation 

Storm doors are solid so when they are shut then air ventilation isn’t an option. If you live where the weather is mainly sunny, then purchasing a magnetic screen door with mesh panels might be good enough for ventilation. 

With their mesh material, screen doors can allow air to circulate inside of your home and help you reduce your energy bills during the hotter summer months. If you are located in an area with extremely cold temperatures during the winter season, then it may be too cold to use your screen door during these moments for ventilation purposes.


While we are comparing storm doors to screen doors, it is also worth mentioning that storm doors are often built out of high-quality materials such as wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. The bright side of having doors made of these materials is that they cause storm doors to be more durable than screen door models. Storm doors tend to be more resistant to weather damage imperfections that can occur like dents, peeling paint, rust, and scratches.

When it comes to screen doors, we are talking about doors that are lighter in weight and easier to undergo damage because they are often made from materials like polyester mesh. But as long as you are aware that screen doors in general aren’t going to be great for excessive snow or rain fall, you can still purchase polyester mesh screen doors that are heavy duty with reinforced edges.

Appearance and Choice 

Our final difference between screen doors and storm doors is that storm doors tend to be heavy due to being made of multiple panels and glass panes to achieve a sleek and modern look as it offers more glass area than screen doors. 

In contrast, screen doors are generally constructed from lightweight materials. On face value, these lighter doors may sound like they come with a disadvantage, but that isn’t entirely true. The less bulky magnetic screen doors are easier to install, open and close than storm doors. 

Screen doors may offer a better view because there isn’t a frame or door panels to obstruct your vision. 

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