The Theory of Single Decision and the Enemies of Network Marketers

Every single marketer faces a moment when they have to make a decision whether they are going to do the business or not. I’m not implying about signing up and purchasing products or attending meetings or seminar, I’m talking about making a solid decision to build the business, be successful, and go the distance.

One of the principles that I’ve been holding on tightly is the single decision theory. In 2007, I made up my mind to quit my full-time job to go into business. I was holding a good post as an IT Manager, but the desire not to work  for other people was very strong. I knew that once I’ve decided to leave, I will never looked back. It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

As a network marketer, you have to decide what are your business’s goals. You can get up every morning and decide to be involved in the business today, or, you can once and for all, make a decision that you will never have to think about it again. Go as far in the business as you can possibly go. You do not have to worry about quitting because you have already decided not to quit.

But once you have that decision sealed, you must know what to expect; you must know what to do; you must know how to do and solve it. Every network marketers have undergone and faced the same obstacles. These obstacles will always be attracted to you, as network marketing is about people, the building of peoples network.

If you know what are the barriers to entry are, you are more likely to succeed. These are the enemies of network marketers.

These are the enemies of network marketers that I could think of,  which will determine whether you will succeed in the Network Marketing business or not.

The first is REJECTION. People will say no. That No is not personal. You must always remind yourself daily that prospecting is a business, not personal. Here are a couple of suggestions that you can take when you face rejections.

  • Imagine that you are a flight stewardess. You will go from person to person asking if they want coffee. After hearing NO several times, would you jump out of the plane? Right. You would just keep on asking, row after row to the last one. No only means, “No, not now.”  It is important to understand people and their moods. Do you think is possible when you call up someone to show the opportunity – and and that very moment your prospects are having a bad day? You have to be persistent, but not overbearing. The time will come when your great prospect will be interested with the products and business.
  • Another way to look at rejection is “by the numbers.” You should have a ratio. Example – sponsor 1 for every 10 people you talk, so the ratio is (1:10), and the list go on. No one in this business has a perfect ratio. So if you can get one signed up out of 10, you are likely to succeed. So know your ratio and learnt to improve it.
  • Know your targets and plan for it. If you really need to have a minimum 200 people to succeed (use any tools you wish including the online methods), so be it.
  • Always remember the 3 SWs (some will, some won’t, so what? Next please).

The second is APATHY (LAZINESS). Laziness comes in two forms – Your own and other people (downlines). This is your business. You have to work hard, harder and hardest to build the business. Find good people and sponsor them in. Find those who are willing to work hard for themselves. People with passion and want to change their lives. If you have distributors who don’t want to work and follow, let them be. You have all the right to choose who you work with.

The third enemy is ATTRITION. Somehow, people will quit. Why? Only they have the answer. But things happen! Don’t blame the business. When someone quits, thank them in your mind for the time and move on. Just do not be one of them. Don’t think so much. Just focus on how to do it better than what you are currently doing.

DISTRACTIONS. The fourth enemy if you are a Network Marketer. All distractions are created equal. The whole world would tries to distract you. Think of anything that can make you sway from your business focus. Sports, games, TV, Movies, Concert, etc. There will always be something that is stealing your time from creating a better life. You have to be self-discipline to not be distracted.

Let me share with you a strategy that I applied when I first active in the industries. You are going to make excuses in order to be successful. Make excuses to your downlines, your prospects, your family? You don’t have to do it long term. But when you’re in the business, you do it to the right people.

I love mountain climbing. However, when I decided to focus on the business in 2007, I skipped all the trips. Remember its only a short term. You are going to enjoy all when you succeed in the business and you can have it any time you want. Again, make excuses to the right people. This is how one way you can overcome distractions.

There are other enemies that can leads you out of the business. But I personally feel that Rejections, Apathy, Attrition and Distractions are the main enemies of all Network Marketers globally.

What do you think?

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