Top Reasons Why the Majority of Network Marketers Don’t Make Money

I like to help people when I notice the difference between their plan and the reality of how people build their new multi level marketing business. There is a big difference in what is expected to become a top earner versus what actually happens after starting the business. In this article, I will explain this difference. Never try to convince others about your multi level marketing business. You must focus on sharing information.

Most people believe that the success of a new MLM network marketing business lies in convincing others of their product and comp plan. They spend hours and hours in understanding everything about their MLM network marketing business, and with this gained knowledge they approach people. But the unkind truth is that people are least bothered about that matter. They consider whether they can do it and whether it is great or not. Amway became a $9 billion a year company just with soap, whereas Rich Devos says that they sell HOPE, not SOAP. There are many highly earning juice companies, though normally people would not buy $250 in orange juice a month. Still, those companies believed that they could earn from it, and they just do it.

Don’t spend your quality time studying the compensation plan until you start generating leads and sponsoring new partners into your new multi level marketing business.

For me, 6 to 8 is the magic number for enrolling leads into your MLM network marketing business. Normally, it discloses details about compensation plan and makes the person continue with you for a long time. This is what will make your MLM network marketing business successful. I have seen that most of the people are more interested in understanding the comp plan than prospecting. But, what is the use of learning something that will not help you to earn anything? If you are very knowledgeable about your new multi level marketing business, then it will make your prospects think that they also should know all those details (though actually they don’t have to). This will steer them away from your new MLM network marketing business, as they don’t have that much time spend on it.

Professional Speakers Blabber at Multi Level Marketing

Professional speakers are very much used to selling. So, they know very well how to justify why people should buy a product and can convince them that purchasing the product is worth their money. But, the true discussion should be about how one can build a new MLM network marketing business successfully, not about the greatness of the product.

So, how should you proceed?

Never try to learn each and every aspect of your multi level marketing business. Instead, try to make the best use of readily available tools, as they are easy to use. Concentrate on the team. Rather than trying to be a specialized speaker, try to focus only on the required points. Then go ahead. Understand that your first (could be the last also) presentation will NEVER be perfect and it need not be. You just have to communicate to the listeners that you do something, and they also can do it.

Good luck!

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