What is the Difference Between Network Marketing & Internet Network Marketing?

Network marketing is becoming one of the most appealing concepts in today’s marketing world, especially with the people who are interested in making money from home. Network marketing is multi level marketing (MLM) where a company can sell its products on the basis of “direct selling” to the consumers. If you want to sell your products or services, you would like to develop a market network and strategies supporting your business. The best way to promote your goods is to go online or in other words through internet. Therefore the concept of internet network marketing is catching up fast with the marketers. It is a business, in which, by investing a small amount of money, you can achieve great financial rewards.

Internet marketing is also referred to as e-marketing or web based marketing. It is the most effective way of marketing especially if you do not have enough money at hand. Your goods or services reach to a greater number of customers globally. All you need to possess is some knowledge of the field and some tools which will assist you in your online business venture. Some of the tools being, Autoresponders, Analytics, Word tracker etc.

In off-line business it is important to create effective marketing strategies to boost sales. The marketing departments of the companies spend a lot of time and energy planning on how to woo the customers. Same theory applies to internet network marketing. Internet is a just a medium to build your business. To effectively run a successful online business you must have sufficient awareness and understanding of the marketing tactics and tools.

Cold calling is a process whereby a marketer interacts with the customer for the first time. Cold calling can be a very frustrating process for the marketers. Most of the time the customers rebuff or hang-up on the salesperson. The rejection rate is quite high. Cold calling shows your desperate fa├žade. You are spending the time in giving wrong signals. The time that could be utilized in sending mails with strong subject lines is getting wasted otherwise.

Do not stock up the inventory; instead spend money on market research. Inventory stocking locks your money. It can be a great burden on your business. In case your business doesn’t run smoothly, troubles will be aplenty. Liquidating your stock can prove to be difficult.

In traditional offline marketing, a merchant is dependent on the local feedback. He does not analyze and hence he is unable to target the prospective market. Internet marketing provides richer experiences to both the customers and the marketers. You can find out what your competitor is up to. Research, analyze, use the most effective marketing tools to know your audience and then based on this knowledge you can develop successful marketing campaigns. Plan and set the targets. Define your goals both quantitatively and qualitatively. It will cost you dearly if you are inconsistent with your off-line brand.

The key to your success online is your marketing skill. People who have proven to be excellent off-line marketers are generally the most successful marketing businessmen on the net too. How to lure the customers, catering to their likes and dislikes, adjusting according to the new trends, showing flexibility are some online factors that you have to apply to have successful internet network marketing business.

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