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Can an Instant Pot Explode? 4 Potential Causes

To rapidly plan something and don’t desire to utilize a microwave, you can utilize an Instant Pot. Instant Pots are multifunctional pressure cookers that rapidly get ready food varieties and suppers. Without much of a stretch, they can cook anything from broil chicken to treats in next to no time, contrasted with different apparatuses.

Assuming you’ve recently purchased an Instant pot and are worried about the security, you are at the exceptionally ideal spot. Assuming that you are perusing this article, then, at that point, presumably you’ve caught wind of an Instant pot explosion or something related.

I will today endeavor to answer your questions in the most effective way conceivable. Assuming you have the inquiry, does an Instant Pot explode? Then, at that point, there isn’t a specific or obvious solution to this inquiry.

While comparing with pressure cookers from the last ten years, we can conclude that the Instant Pots of today don’t explode. They are accompanied by ten security features that guard them against such cases. These features are intended to forestall the Instant Pot to work dangerously. Assuming that such things happen, the pot will quit working or diminish any internal pressure.

Indeed, even with features, some blasts have been accounted for. Today in this post, I will make a valiant effort to explain why this occurs. Here it is some tips for meal of the day.

How does an Instant pot work?

Instant Pots assist you with getting ready food in a brief period which in any case would have required hours. Thus, individuals will more often than not use pressure cookers.

Pressure cookers work by giving a sealed area to the nourishment for cooking. When you add fluid inside the pressure cooker, and after it gets boiled, it assists with making a pressure that thus assists with preparing the food rapidly at a quicker rate contrasted with traditional cooking. This pressure must be appropriately controlled and managed to a particular level to guarantee that there are no blasts. 

In more seasoned pressure cookers, the pressure is managed to utilize a weighted pressure controller, generally directed on the top.

In Instant Pots, this is done through a strain controller, which assists with keeping the temperature between 10.12 – 11.6 psi.

If the pressure inside surpasses 15.25 psi, then the steam inside the pot is pushed up and delivered until it arrives at its ideal reach.

The majority of the mishaps will often occur because of the absence of this information. This arrangement would help you a great deal involving Instant Pots and utilizing any strain cookers.

Ten elements guarantee the safety of an Instant pot. How about we rapidly take a gander at those ten elements.

The 10 Security Features

Manufacturers made Instant Pots with features that will forestall mishaps keeping in mind the blast inside the strain cookers.

Lid close Detections

In situations where the lid of the Instant Pot isn’t as expected shut while utilizing, the Instant Pot won’t enact any pressure cooking until it’s not as expected shut. Be that as it may, you can utilize the sauté and keep warm functions in a portion of the chosen models.

Leaky Lid Protection

Assuming there is any spillage because of any explanation. The programming of the Instant Pot will naturally be changed to keep warm settings and won’t move toward any preset pressure levels.

Anti-blockage vent

While preparing food, there are potential outcomes that the food gets caught or obstructed in the steam discharge vents. Instant Pots are planned with a vent safeguard that keeps any food particles obstructed.

Temperature controls

There are programmed temperature controls that manage pressure in an Instant Pot. Assuming that the pressure surpasses the psi level, this component delivers the strain and returns it to the ideal reach. Temperature control is completed by the indoor regulator that directs the temperature inside the Instant pot.

High-temperature cautioning

Assuming the temperature inside a pot ascends because of things like no moisture or other potential outcomes, the heat will be cut off, which will help the food get scorched or some other sort of mishap. Pressure sensors keep the ideal temperature between 10.12 psi – 11.6 psi. Instant Pots accompany a fuse that ensures against overabundance hotness and electric flows.

Lid lock under pressure

Lid locking under pressure is a vital wellbeing highlight that Instant Pots have. When the strain inside the cookers isn’t as expected, the cover will naturally get locked and keep it from opening until the pressure reaches ordinary.

Automatic pressure control

An Instant pot additionally accompanies an automatic pressure control highlight connected to the controller that delivers steam and brings it down from the pot, assuming it surpasses 15.23 psi.

Extreme pressure protection

Eventually, an Instant pot additionally has an additional layer of insurance for a reinforcement plan assuming the controller doesn’t work. When the pressure inside the pot goes too high, a security system is actuated, which moves the pots inside the cooker downwards. This downward motion will, in general, make a hole between the top and the inner pot, which delivers the steam inside the chamber and halts any warming.

Outrageous temperature and power protection

Assuming everything above neglects to work, your Instant pot has one fuse that disconnects the power once the pot arrives at the temperature range between 336 degrees Fahrenheit and 341.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It additionally disengages, assuming the Instant pot utilizes an undeniable degree of electrical current.

Pressure regulator protection

Assuming there is an overabundance strain inside your pot, it will deliver some steam, so you don’t need to pressure on the off chance that it begins making some commotion like a murmur or delivery of some steam. When the pot goes over 15.23 psi, the steam inside gets delivered until the temperature reaches its ideal reach.

Given every one of these security highlights kept while planning an Instant Pot, there are no potential outcomes that it can explode. Yet, there are reasons and situations where an Instant pot has exploded. Producers make an honest effort to furnish you with Instant Pots with highlights that forestall any blasts.

How and for what reason does an Instant Pot explode?

There are situations where an Instant pot has exploded even after those features. We should know why this occurs.

If you are blocking the steam release valves

Blocking the steam release valves can occur for a few reasons, yet the most noticeable is the food particles getting clogged up in the valve. Clogged food particles might stop the strain inside from getting delivered, which may prompt disappointment or glitches.

You should routinely clean the Instant Pots’ release valves and other significant parts. These blasts can likewise occur on the off chance that the steam valve is blocked by something like any material or drying towel. Continuously ensure that the steam discharge valves are kept clear enough from any blockage.

Filling it over max level

Individuals will generally fill the pot over the maximum level. Filling it over max level is exceptionally standard and a significant explanation for Instant pot exploding. If you fill it over the maximum level, there are chances of some food extending while they cook to get obstructed or trap the steam releasing valves, which may deliver extra pressure and explosions.

You are ignoring the change in the sealing.

The sealing rings inside your Instant Pot are to be changed essentially every 12-16 months. It likewise should be cleaned. A broken fixing ring likewise turns into an explanation for some explosions.

Disregarding the manual

The manual recommends every one of the things to be done, which one must keep away from. It contains every one of the properties of the items and preventive measures to be taken while utilizing it. So one should consistently peruse the manual cautiously before utilizing any apparatuses.

These are some examples and justifications for why the Instant Pot can explode. If you are adequately cautious and with those security features, you can keep it from such sorts of mishaps without much of a stretch.


Instant Pots are extraordinary apparatuses that make your cooking interaction quicker, and they are additionally planned by keeping the comfort and the security of the clients. Very much like some other apparatuses or machines, you might perhaps hurt yourself or cause a mishap assuming that you don’t utilize it appropriately and cautiously.

I genuinely want to believe that I addressed every one of your questions, and you make sure of how the Instant Pot functions and why it explodes.