How to take your Muay Thai business to the world  

How to Start a Muay Thai Business |


When you have a business, the only thing a serious entrepreneur should think of is to promote their business in the biggest way possible. The Muay Thai business in Thailand is one of the fastest-growing industries, but still requires lots of promotion if you are going to get customers from around the world.

Thailand has become one of the biggest hubs of Muay Thai. And lots of foreigners’ troop in each holiday season to either participate or witness the sports. If you are going to start attracting the holiday-ers to your camp as soon as they are off their flight, you must start now.

Here are some of the ways you can promote your Muay Thai business to the world

  • A business website is the best address ever

Many people don’t know this, but creating a business website serves the same purpose as the physical address. With a website, potential customers can easily reach you and even browse through the services you offer.

With an interactive website, you may even communicate to them the time, schedule facilities, quality, and other things in your camp

  • SEO gives you a broader reach

If you are not a digital market expert, now is the best time to employ their services. Search engines rank businesses online based on the relevant buzz around them.

Search Engine Optimization allows brands to rank higher in relevant searches. This way, your customer has no problem finding you.

Publish stories, create content, pay for adverts, and so on.

  • Social Media Marketing is the present

Only an unserious for the ignorant business owner will refuse to leverage on the Social media buzz. Social media is currently the biggest thing and may remain so for years to come. Sites like Facebook have even begun to create special platforms for marketing and selling goods.

  • Create a Social media account for your Muay Thai business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,)
  • Set up your account and group profile
  • Build your audience and followers
  • Publish relevant stories and contents
  • Do so consistently

Also, sites like Facebook and Instagram account for 60% of internet activities every day. It will be poor decision-making not to leverage on that.

  • Good old Email marketing

No matter how old it gets, nothing can usurp the place of Emails in the professional and semi-formal world. It provides the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to send large and small data round the world. If your customers register with you using their mails, you can always send Infos, reminders, promotions, clips, promos, and other news about your Muay Thai camp.  Many Muay Thai training camps such as have some promotions in Covid problem.

  • Focus on the latest technology

There is nothing as dynamic as technology. One minute you are doing things a certain way, the next time, it is different. Technology has become the sole important tool for businesses to grow their customer base and improve their systems. One cannot underestimate how growing technology continues to improve Muay Thai.

As you grow your Muay Thai business int Thailand, think digital marketing, technology, and facility improvements.



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