Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network – How to Make Money With the Best PPC Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is very hot right now, and undoubtedly, one of the best ways to make money online is by promoting products using pay-per-click affiliate marketing methods. Pay-per-click, for those who are new to affiliate marketing, is the method of creating advertisements for popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo that will lead to the landing page of the product you are promoting or (more often) to your own website that will give prospective customers more information on that product or service.

Pay-per-click advertising can be quite expensive, however, if you are using it to promote a weak product that doesn’t produce sales because you must pay the search engine you are advertising on each time somebody clicks on your ad. Therefore, we will show you how to find the absolute best products to promote by using a pay-per-click affiliate network, and we will explain which is the best and easiest pay-per-click affiliate network to use.

“Question: What is a pay-per-click affiliate network, and why are they effective?”

A pay-per-click affiliate network is a community for product or service merchants (sellers) who are seeking high quality affiliates to promote their products. Merchants like to use a pay-per-click affiliate network because everything is made simple for them – the pay-per-click affiliate network attracts qualified affiliates to promote their products, and it additionally handles all the complicated matters such as selling or shipping the products, issuing refunds, and paying affiliates.

Conversely, affiliates also like using a pay-per-click affiliate network because the affiliate network simplifies they process for them as well. Rather than having to rely on an individual merchant’s affiliate program, which tend to be unreliable (such as not paying affiliates on a regular basis), affiliates can promote a product sold through an affiliate network and expect to be paid very regularly (generally every week via check or direct deposit into his or her bank account). Without having to deal with any of this stress, affiliates can focus on what they do best – namely, promoting products.

Finally, affiliates can find a lot of outstanding products to promote for free. Pay-per-click affiliate networks don’t charge a fee to their affiliates, and an affiliate signed up at a network can find the absolute best products to promote using statistics gathered by the affiliate network which provide valuable information about how well the product is selling.

“Question: What is the best pay-per-click affiliate network, and how to I join and begin promoting products?”

There are many solid pay-per-click affiliate networks, but in our opinion the best by far is ClickBank is outstanding because it offers the largest collection of high-quality informational products. Informational products sell incredibly well on the internet because people are always seeking information to solve certain problems they may have, and ClickBank houses literally thousands of these products in so many different areas.

Additionally, these products (which tend to be e-books or video lessons on various topics) are so easy to sell because customers can access them instantly after they purchase them. ClickBank also offers the best commissions of any pay-per-click affiliate network, with many merchants paying their affiliates commissions as high as 75% of the product’s price for every purchase that the affiliate helps create.

We also recommend ClickBank because it is so easy to join and begin promoting products instantly. It is free to sign-up with ClickBank, and as a member you can promote any and all of their thousands of products. Once you find the perfect product you would like to promote using their detailed search tools, ClickBank will provide you with an individual link that you can use to drive traffic to the product’s website.

Once a customer clicks on your link and purchases the product at the merchant’s home page, ClickBank will recognize that you are responsible for making the sale and will instantly credit your account with the money (which, as we mentioned, is often as high as 75% of the products price).

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