Social Network Marketing on MySpace, Facebook and Other Social Networks

In this time of economic uncertainty, company downsizing and outsourcing of jobs people are looking for a way to protect their assets. Many of them are turning to the Internet to make money. Social networks marketing on MySpace and Facebook offer excellent opportunities. In case you were still under the misconception that MySpace and Facebook were just places for friends to keep in touch or a sounding board for teenagers to discuss who the hottest guy or girl in their class is – guess again! The largest demographic on MySpace and Facebook are middle-aged adults.

The Internet offers a wide variety of opportunities and there are many of ways to make money on MySpace and Facebook as well. Ads and gurus abound that promise great wealth with little or no effort in an amazing short period of time. Many of these things are misleading or down right frauds, but persistence can turn up a few unique, challenging legitimate opportunities. Once you connect with the right program it can be both fun and profitable.

When venturing into a new business it is important to find one that offers several different ways of presenting the material and strategies that need to be mastered in order to achieve success. Not all people learn in the same way. Look for opportunities that off a variety of tools such as ebooks, audio and video presentations, forums and online support.

Most people are not merely looking for an opportunity they want someone to teach them how to utilize social network marketing on MySpace and Facebook in order to make money. Remember the adage “if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish then you feed him for life.”

People are not looking for another Internet guru or program designed to give just enough information to keep you hooked and primed to buy their “next big thing”. Sometimes I think that is the real way these self-professed “gurus” make their money rather than actually acting on the program they produce. What people really want is for someone to actually teach them how to do it step by step so they understand and can replicate the process an in that way they can actually make money on MySpace and Facebook.

Social network marketing on MySpace and Facebook takes the work out of targeting a market. The nature of social networks has already done that part of the process for you. The one thing that must be adhered to is developing a list of friends you have a rapport with. Stop and consider for a minute how you feel when someone you don’t know very well makes a suggestion. It usually is not well received because of internal blocks we impose – our space has been violated. The way around this is to develop a rapport with your targeted list of friends. Then a suggestion offered meets with much better acceptance. This is because friends will take time to listen to and consider what is offered. It is this type of relationship we seek to develop with social network marketing on MySpace and Facebook.

The trick is to focus on helping friends rather than on making money. That will naturally follow. Many of us are already online so why not also make money online? This process takes time and this is true for anything that is worth the effort put forth. That is why the thrill of victory is so sweet.

Finally, how to make money on MySpace and Facebook requires a practical and multifaceted approach because both the products to sell and the people who buy them are so different. The products can be actual physical items or information which creates an endless array of opportunities even in these challenging times. For this reason as long as there are things to sell and people willing to buy there is an opportunity to make money. The opportunities for social network marketing on MySpace and Facebook enable one to potentially reach a global market. That’s pretty exciting!

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