What are backlinks? Why do we use backlinks?

What are Backlinks and How Do They Work?

If you are delving into the Internet world or own a website and you are improving your SEO skills, you would have heard about the term backlinks. Perhaps, you only heard about the world with no additional details or you got some other details but they are yet to be clear. Hence, you are looking for further clarification about what are backlinks and why backlinks are used. This article will answer these questions so that you can understand what they are and why they are beneficial.

What are backlinks?
Backlinks can be defined as text, pictures, or banners that are placed on another website, but that when clicked upon, will open a web page from your website. Such backlinks often provide the opportunity to point people to a place where they can get more information about the anchor word, anchor phrase, picture or banner, and in other cases, where they can buy an item being advertised. 

Why are backlinks important
Backlinks are important because they provide people with information about where they can get more information about something. A major reason why people use the Internet is because of the volume of information that is available therein. People are sure that irrespective of their topic of interest, they are likely to get adequate information about that topic on the Internet. Hence, the fact that it will be possible for them to be pointed to where they can get better information from within your content will make search engines, especially Google, to give some level of improvement to the ranking of the web page that contains that your article.

To get a grasp of what backlinks do, imagine a case where you are giving a lecture and you state that Albert Einstein said a particular thing. Even if people do not believe most of what you are saying if they are sure that Albert Einstein said that particular thing you have said he said, they would quickly pick up that point because they know Albert Einstein, his reputation and they see him as an authority figure. That is what happens when you link to a website with high domain authority. Since you are pointing them to a reliable source, you would get some level of credibility on that article that would increase your ranking. There are companies like Instant Backlink Magic that you can patronize to improve the backlink of your website and get better ranking.

Now, imagine a situation where you were quoted by someone who has the reputation of Albert Einstein. It will mean that you have some reputation for Albert Einstein to use what you said as an example. This would mean he believed it, and if he does, it would mean that you have some reputation. That would even give you a higher ranking compared to when you were the one quoting him. That is what happens when a high domain authority website links back to your website.

How to take advantage of backlinks
To take advantage of backlinks, you should link to other websites, preferably high domain authority websites and that high domain authority websites link back to you. It is not only allowed, but also profitable for you to link from a page on your website to another page on the same website. One of the best ways backlinks are used is by putting them in articles that you can host on other websites that will link back to your website. To get backlinks, you could search for high domain authority websites that accept guest posts, write based on the rules, and submit. If they accept and publish your post, you will get a backlink from them.